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M3 Infusion System - Pain Free Non-Surgical Face Lift

Perfect Harmony have been offering non surgical facelifts for over 12 years, our latest upgrade is the ultimate in technology and best system on the market place today.


This treatment is the new highly effective and totally non-invasive and  no-needle alternative to botox and other injectables.  These FDA* approved active ingredients are delivered via ultrasound through the dermal layers of the skin without the use of a needle.


It can treat the following conditions:

Acne scars, dehydrated skin, blackheads/whiteheads, enlarged pores, skin discolouration, sun damaged skin, stretch marks, scarring, pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, loose and tired grey looking skin.


*FDA = Food and Drug Administration

M3 Infusion System Prices

Non Surgical Face Lift   £50.00  -  60 Minutes


Thermotherapy  (Heat)

Diamond Tip Abrasion

Non Surgical Face Lift (With Collagen Gel)

No Needle Mesotherapy using Ultra Sound (Syrums)

Cryotherapy (Cold)





Mothers Day Special Offers 26th March 2016

Non Surgical Face Lift Full

Single Treatment £45.00  -  60 Minutes


For a course of 6 (one per week) £250.00

Saving you £50.00

(Can be paid 5 x £45 and 1 x £25)